Many surveys say that most corporate gifts are given to significant clients, following the employees, then prospective clients. The rationale in gift giving is showing appreciation to clients for their long time existence in business engagement with you, a dedicated employees working beyond their shift.

Gifts differ from incentives in that they’re given voluntarily without compensation; it’s not part and stated in the company’s program.

But still there is a significant benefits garnered from corporate gift giving. It’s an important tool of some companies as their marketing ground plan. And should be done in an accurate manner that is gift giving is a method to raise a sensible partnership with deserving associates.


Before anything else, you need to know first the policies of the company where you planned to give the gift. There are some companies prohibit giving of gifts specifically those in the insurance, financial services and medical fields. Here are some words of advice:

No giving of gifts during a bidding process, even though it falls during a holiday.

An extravagant gifts like cars and expensive vacations are only be utilised after such cautious consideration to avoid any problem in justifying expenses especially in publicly-traded companies.

Always have manners in all your actions, anything that could fool your recipient will cause and create a damage act in a business relationship.


Use your gift program in an effective and skilful way. There is an art to a successful giving, so take note of the following important issues before shopping:


Give gift that carries the interest and personality of the clients. Try to find out their favourites, from stuffs to activities, because doing so makes them think that you understand their style and taste.


The favourite times for gifting are during holidays. But other times of the year can introduce a more complete force on the relationship. For instance, birthday gift is also an impressive tool since you took a little of your time just to send them present in their especial day. Some important dates and events such as anniversary of a new job or the beginning of business relationship, promotion and completion of big projects can be a proper timing for a gift. The character of a good relationship is very important, even if you’re thoughtful in giving gifts. It may be likely annoying to give gift at the wrong time.


Choose the appropriate gift for the business relationship. Do not base the value of your gift on how long you’re dealing with your clients and the amount of business transacted. What matter, is the continued unity and thoughtfulness in your relationship. For your new clients, avoid being too much impressive with luxurious gift and always avoid the sense of bribing them


In giving a gift, always avoid the sense of self-promotion. A customised items give a great impact and shows extra value. There’s a feeling of being undetermined if you give gift leaving the impression that it comes personally from you. It lessens an attachment in the business relationship.


Prepare a gift sincerely and display it by investing in some great wrapping paper with an own composed, handwritten message. You can choose how you deliver it, whether to mail or hand it personally.  A little feeling of ungratefulness from the recipient may arise if it is given through mail, but mailing to person’s home or handling it personally may add a deep heartfelt appreciation.


There are many potential corporate gifts. But let’s consider the pros and cons of some favourite items.

Food items are not new thoughts. It can be given to all kinds of holidays and can be taken home and share with friends and families. If you want to gain wow impact from your clients through the stomach, make it a deal to be creative and unique. Picking what to give that is surely be their taste.

In business, it is important to keep things fall in their proper places such as to maintain a good relationship. Liquor and wine are aged favourites, some hard liquor lost their popularity, but a good thing here is managing to ease the distinct effect of it after drinking. A box of cigar can fully hit the taste of a cigar devotee.

Items that are office related, such as pen and desk blotters, are a good choice and taste. But care must always be considered because office décor is private and it’s an individual perspective.

Gift cards are of great choice and its available from vast variety of companies; they give opportunity of a free choice and it can be given to all kinds of people. The bad thing is that the amount is displayed which for some people think how much is their worth from you.

Entertainment and sport event tickets constantly are great gifts. Still, you should be correct of the likes of your clients. Don’t assume right away that he/she enjoyed sitting in the stadium with lots of people yelling when you got his/her answer “yah, its great”.

Plan well before you buy, because gift giving is a huge marketing strategy.  Your favourite items may not always meet the taste of the receiver.  Policy is a policy; nothing can change that, if this hinders you from gift giving, try presenting a donation to the recipient’s chosen charity.

Important thing to consider: Cash is a great failure as a corporate gift. It’s not practical, and a bad approach and looks like a bribe.


Online purchasing

When you’re tired from work and don’t have enough time to visit different retail stores, you can sit back and have your shopping online. This saves you from stress and bumping with other customers in the store.

But still there is a significant benefits garnered from corporate gift giving. It’s an important tool of some companies as their marketing ground plan. And should be done in an accurate manner that is gift giving is a method to raise a sensible partnership with deserving associates.

There are varieties of places to shop for corporate gifts. It depends on your ideas and number of items you want to buy. Some retail gift shops are not specified for corporate items. But for corporate-designed stores offer discounts for bulk purchases, a big help to the budget.

Promotional products distributors

Don’t allow yourself to be fooled by brand names. Many items are being faked and look as the original ones. It’s better to buy directly from a brand-name supplier to get the worth of the item and sure of the quality.

Direct from the manufacturer

For bulk purchases, directing to the manufacturer is a big help, not only you have discounts but many designs you could choose from.